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What To Wear After Giving Birth

Your due date is getting closer and closer. You want to be prepared for labor and postpartum in a way that allows you and your baby to feel comfortable while adapting to such an extreme change. 

The first step to helping your baby feel comfortable is to first ensure your own comfort. Here are the Top 5 Postpartum Clothes You Will Need After Giving Birth.

1. Cute & Cozy Robe Made for Nursing 

The most common item purchased after giving birth is a cozy robe. Not only will it fit all of your ever-changing weight fluctuations after birth; it will give you easy access when nursing. There are robes made just for postpartum women that come in cute colors & ties made for easy feeding access. Get Janes' luxury maternity gowns are cute and comfy for your postpartum experience.

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2. Nursing bra

Wearing a nursing bra is perfect for when you leave the house or have visitors over during postpartum. Nursing bras help you look put together while also giving you easy access to nursing your baby. A nursing bra can be a great investment in your comfort. You will thank yourself later when you don't have to wear a bra with a wire, stiff cups, or itchy material! 


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3. Slipper Socks

If you don't already own super soft slipper socks, make sure you have some. Even if you usually go barefoot; you will definitely want them during your stay at the hospital. Hospital floors are cold, hard, and slippery. A soft and fluffy material is proven to help you feel safe, warm, and more at home. 

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4. Post Partum Undies

Specially designed undies are worn by women who have delivered naturally or via C-section. These garments are designed to give you the perfect mix of comfort and tightness to keep you feeling secure while your body heals from birth. You may be excited to finally be feeling more confident in your body; but postpartum is not the time for underwear made with thin straps and or materials without needed sensitivity in mind during recovery. 

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5. Headwrap/Headband

This may go without saying; but headbands / headwraps are extremely valued during a time where you will be nursing/cleaning/working. Not to mention; keeping your hair up will help from your newborn pulling at your hair! A good headband will get a lot of use in postpartum!

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