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Why Janes?

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Whether you're preparing for a doctor's visit, packing a hospital bag, nursing your baby, or lounging at home, everyone should enjoy the comfort and coverage they deserve. Janes and Jacks gowns offer a personal alternative to uncomfortable examination gowns, flimsy nursing robes or basic amenity wear. Designed with comfort, warmth and durability in mind, rest assured that our light-weight fabric and kimono styled coverage keeps you wrapped in warmth all while being able to withstand hundreds of washes.

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Note From The Founder

Having an extensive family history of breast cancer, a few years ago I found myself visiting doctor's offices, women's health centers, and radiology departments with increasing frequency. Though the facilities were always warm and inviting, my entire mood shifted when I was asked to change into a hospital johnny. Knowing I'd spend the next hour (or more!) freezing and scrambling to keep that flimsy, ill-fitting garment closed filled me with dread. I wasn't alone, either; one look around any mammography waiting room seemed to tell the same story: traditional patient gowns leave many women feeling cold, vulnerable, and exposed. I had to find a solution — a better, more dignified patient gown for women.

Thus, Janes™ were born!

Over the next two years, I invested countless hours in the development of a new-and-improved johnny: one that would address my concerns about modesty, ease feelings of vulnerability, and foster more relaxed, confident communication between patient and doctor. I was lucky to receive input from many willing collaborators: my sisters (both breast cancer survivors), my friends, the health care professionals at our local Breast Health Center, many compassionate nurses, and a brilliant radiologist who generously shared with me her years of expertise. With their help, Janes™ were designed to offer comfort, warmth, and total coverage, while still providing access to health care providers for medical examinations and procedures. 

Janes™ are so much more than just a better patient gown; Janes™ give women the dignity they deserve.

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