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Hospital Checklist for Mom & Baby: A Checklist of What to Pack

Experts recommend once you hit 36 weeks of pregnancy you should have your bags packed and ready to go for the inevitable surprise of labor as well as the possibility of an early labor. This go to bag should be kept in an easy to grab place in your home or even in the car at all times. 

Now that you know when to pack and where to keep your bag; there's one HUGE question. WHAT DO I PACK IN MY HOSPITAL BAG FOR LABOR? Below you will find a checklist of items of what to pack for moms and babies! At the bottom we will also include items to avoid packing. 

Labor Bag Checklist: For Mom

The top rated item to bring in your mommy-to-be bag is your own cozy and cute luxury maternity gown. This ensures you don't have to wear the low quality and cold gowns the hospital provides; which usually makes labor even more uncomfortable. Stay comfortable & dignified with this highly essential item recommended by moms to be all over the U.S. Shop this top rated item now.

Mom's Check List

  • Identification, Medical Paperwork, & Birthing Plan Folder
  • Toiletries/ Eye Glasses & Contacts
  • A Cozy & Cute Examination Gown
  • Books, Magazines, and or Tablet
  • Your favorite Snacks & Hydrating Drinks
  • A few outfits
  • Essential Oils
  • Breast Pump

Labor Bag Checklist: For Spouse / Birthing Partner

The top rated item for your spouse/birthing partner to bring in their labor bag is a cozy pair of slippers & supportive shoes. Your partner will be standing up and walking around the hospital quite a lot to support you during and after labor. Here are the top recommended slippers and shoes to keep your partner comfortable and supported. 

Partner Hospital Labor Bag Checklist 

  • Device to Take Photos / Videos
  • Cozy Shoes
  • Cellphone & Chargers
  • Small Handheld fan & spray bottle
  • Ear Plugs
  • Toys for Siblings
  • A Few Outfits
  • Laundry Bag

Labor Bag Checklist: For Baby

The top rated item to bring in your babies hospital bag is a baby nail file/clipper and pacifier. This not only helps to sooth your baby, but will help you feel comfortable as well! Babies can sometimes scratch themselves with their nails so a nail file/clipper is essential for your peace of mind. A pacifier will also help you and your partner get some rest when needed to sooth your newborns crying.

  1. Installed Car Seat
  2. Baby Nail files/clippers & Pacifier
  3. Welcome to The World Photo Outfit
  4. Baby Clothes
  5. Burping Cloths
  6. Blanket

What NOT to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

There are few items you may think are essential but no packing is needed. The hospital will provide basic items. Avoid packing the following;

  1. Jewelry
  2. Cash/Valuables
  3. Diapers/ Wipes
  4. Bottles / Nipples


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