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Varieties of Patient Gowns in Healthcare Environment!

soft hospital patient gowns

Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics use several types of patient gowns, each designed to meet specific needs and provide optimal patient comfort and functionality. Here are some common types of patient gowns:

  • Standard Patient Gown: This is the most common type of patient gown with a one-size-fits-all design. It features an open-back style with ties or snap closures for easy wearing and removal. It is suitable for general medical examinations, hospital stays, and outpatient procedures.
  • Front-Open Gown: Front-open soft hospital patient gowns have a full-length opening at the front, allowing for easy access to the chest area. This design is beneficial for patients requiring frequent monitoring, chest tubes or intravenous lines, or limited mobility.
  • Exam Gown: Exam gowns are designed specifically for medical examinations. They usually have shorter sleeves and a shorter length, allowing easy access to the arms and legs. Exam gowns are often disposable and made from lightweight, non-woven materials.
  • Maternity Gown: Plus size hospital gown maternity is specially designed for pregnant women, providing comfort and convenience during prenatal care, labor, and postpartum recovery. These gowns accommodate the growing belly and typically have openings for fetal monitoring and breastfeeding.
  • Pediatric Gown: Pediatric gowns are designed for children and infants, considering their smaller size and unique needs. These soft hospital patient gowns often feature cheerful prints or characters to create a friendly and comforting environment for young patients.
  • Bariatric Gown: Bariatric robes are for plus-size individuals with larger body sizes. They have ample width and length to ensure proper coverage and comfort for bariatric patients.
  • Isolation Gown: Isolation gowns, made from fluid-resistant materials, are valuable in situations with a risk of spreading infectious diseases. They provide full coverage to protect patients and healthcare providers from contamination.

The Bottom Line

The choice of robe depends on the patient's needs and the nature of the medical procedure or care being provided. Healthcare facilities can choose or customize the gowns to cater to different patient populations and ensure their comfort, privacy, and safety. At Get Janes, we provide regular and plus size soft hospital patient gowns, besides special maternity and men's robes.