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Ultimate Guide To Your Hospital Stay

A hospital stay can be sudden, or it may be something you worry about for weeks. Either way, if you are not used to staying in the hospital, here are some great ideas on how you or someone you know can make a hospital stay easier and more comfortable.

So, What should you bring?

1. Something cozy to wear

Whether it's your favorite blanket, or comfy sweatpants, making sure a patient is as comfortable as possible during their stay is very important. 

Get Janes are a doctor and hospital approved as the softest and most luxurious gown available that can keep patients comfortable even during their procedures or appointments.

2. Something to Entertain You

If you are going to have a long stay at the hospital, that means you will be focusing much of your time healing and resting. During this time many patients find that bringing along a book, electronic, or hobby helps the time go by faster and keeps them in a better mood.

3. Someone to Keep You Company

Of course one of the most important things for a hospital stay is to have visitors. If you know someone that is staying in the hospital, visiting them is a great gift.

If you are staying in the hospital, make sure you express to your family members how much support you feel you want and need to heal the best.

4. You're Positive Attitude

As a patient or someone who is visiting a patient during a hospital stay, a positive attitude is a great thing to bring along with any of the other things listed. 

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