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Top Valentines Gifts For Your Pregnant Wife

This Valentine's day may be a little different this year. You and your partner are expecting, and that gives this holiday a special meaning to it. See our top 5 picks for Valentines Day gifts to get your pregnant wife that offers your love and care in an especially nurturing way this year. 

1. Get Janes Robe

Comfort makes the heart grow warmer. Get Janes is a top of the line hospital gown/lounge robe that many pregnant woman have enjoyed during pregnancy, labor, and while nursing post pregnancy. 

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2. Jewelry With a Unique Message

Get something that says your love will be there even when you are not. John Medieros Jewelry is family owned company with a nationwide fanbase. Their handcrafted jewelry is made in the USA with classic and modern pieces at an economy price. Buy great pieces like a Beaded HoopsNecklace Crosses or post clip earrings.

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3. At Home Stone Massager

Another great Valentines Day gift for a pregnant wife is an at-home massager. Get something you can treat her with, like this at home stone massage set. This is a great gift that your partner will love.

4. Self Care Products

Help set the mood with self care products from bump boxes.

5. A Heartfelt Letter 

Write your expecting partner to assure them of all the things you promise to do and be as your future unfolds together. This may be a tough time for your expecting partner and these words from you may mean much more than you know.





Get Janes offers a personal alternative to standard examination gowns or basic amenity wear. Whether you're preparing for a doctor's visit, packing a hospital bag, nursing your baby or lounging at home, everyone should enjoy the comfort and coverage they deserve.