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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents 2020

Summer is over and Fall 2020 has fully begun. Now is the time to think about Christmas presents for your family. Sharing with them through material and non materialistic items your immense love for them. Out of all of our family members, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces/nephews, boyfriends and girlfriends, pets and parents. 

Sometimes, Grandparents get overlooked and under-appreciated or as a significantly younger generation, we don't really know how to connect with our Grandparents or don't know what they would like from us for Christmas. 

To understand what may fill our Grandparent's hearts with joy, we must put ourselves in their shoes and think if we lived in a simpler world, what would bring us joy, what would come in handy as we age and what would we truly use as we grow closer to our next lifetime. 

Here are the Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents:


1. A Luxurious Hospital Gown for Comfort at Appointments

One of the most useful Christmas Gift Idea for a Grandparent is the gift of Get Janes Luxury Hospital Gowns. Jane's Luxury Hospital Gowns Comfort, Coverage and Dignity. Jane's Gowns can be used before and after showers at home, during frequent / infrequent hospital visits. Easy to put on, easy to take off and convenient. Janes Gowns currently come in 1 base color of off white and 2 different color trims, light blue and a peach trim. These high-end, luxurious multi use Hospital Gowns are offered in Plus Size as well, Jane's also offers matching masks. Jane's Gowns can be found at starting at $59.


2. Ancestry DNA Genetic Tests

Ancestry DNA Genetic Tests are wonderful gifts to give the Grandparents in your life this Christmas to help bring your family closer during this time of social isolation. Learning and enjoying the knowledge that can be gained through purchasing an Ancestry DNA Genetic Test can give your Grandparents a new outlook on the family they come from and the family they have helped create. Ancestry DNA Genetic Tests can be purchased at starting at $99.


3. Long Distance Touch Lamp

A sentimental Christmas gift idea for grandparents is one that melts their hearts. A Long Distance Touch Lamp from priced at $85 will bring joy and warmth to your Grandparents spirits. With this Long Distance Touch Lamp your grandparents will be able to communicate with you even if distance keeps you apart. By touching the lamp in one location, the lamp in the other distant location will light up as well. This is a simple and easy way to say "I am thinking of you", "Goodnight" and "I love you".


4. Weighted Blanket

Another warming way to say Merry Christmas to your Grandparents this year is by gifting them a Quality Premium Adult Weighted Blanket with a Removable Cover. This Removable Covered Blanket found on for about $110 is an easy to clean, warm and the weight is proven to ease ones into a gentle, comfortable sleep. Every-time they sleep with the Quality Premium Adult Weighted Blanket, your Grandparents will feel like they are experiencing a hug from you before they drift off to sleep.


5. Grandkids Welcome Sign

It is no secret that a Grandparents bread and butter is their grandchildren. What says this more than a handy doormat from Etsy store HamlinRowShop, which says " Grandkids welcome and others tolerated" starting at $32. HamlinRowShop available of offers different doormat sizes ranging from 16x21 inches to 24x60 inches. 

This Christmas, no matter what you choose to gift your Grandparents know that they are most likely simply grateful to be able to share another Christmas with you. They will love whatever they receive because it comes from you and your heart. 

We hope this sparks up ideas on what to gift your Grandparents this winter 2020. We wish you and yours loved ones a warm, wonderful and safe Holiday Season this year. 



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