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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Grandparents

We love our grandparents so much. How do we share and show our love in a perfect gift that they will actually use? We created a list of the top 10 rated gifts for grandparents that will be sure to make them feel loved.


1. Customized Patient Gowns 

As we age there is simply additional medical maintenance, doctors appointments, and sometimes surprise hospital visits. Although we avoid the thought of our loved one in poor health we must help them prepare by encouraging healthy habits such as; regular doctor visits and self examinations. Gifting your grandparents their own soft, cozy, and full coverage luxury hospital gown will help them feel comfortable in doctors offices while they focus on their health. The gowns provided at hospitals and doctors offices tend to be cold and ill fitting so purchasing a high quality gown will give them a more comfortable experience. This is the top rated gift that is sure to get regular use.

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2. A Custom Photo Book

Without our grandparents; we wouldn't be here! Why not create a photo booklet filled with pictures of the friends and family in their life that they cherish. Grandparents can get lonely; so having a booklet of all the people that they love will be the perfect gift for them to have by their side.

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3. Long Distance Lamps That Lights Up When One of You Touch It

Life gets busy and we can't always visit our grandparents everyday. These dual lamps work together. Place one in your home and one in your grandparents home. Everytime you touch this lamp the other lamp will light up. This is a great way to let your grandparents know: I love you & I am thinking of you even when you are just about to rush out the door on a busy day. 

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4. A DNA Test To Dive into Your Family History

Chances are your grandparents do not know your entire family ties and history. Gift them with a DNA kit to receive results of their ancestral DNA. This will give them a great discussion to have with other family members as well as bring up interesting conversations about their personal history.

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5. A Movie Night Out 

We cant take our grandparents paintballing or go karting. A great way to treat your grandparents out is a movie night. Purchase tickets and plan a night out for just you and them. They will appreciate the one on one time with you as well as an excuse to get out and about.

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6. Robotic Vacuum

Keeping up with house chores can be difficult for some grandparents. What if we showed you a way you can help them keep their house tidy everyday? A robotic vacuum uses smart technology to reach every crevice of the house ; all you have to do is turn them on!

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7. Name A Star After Them

Do you have grandparents that are into science and astrology? You can name a star after them on This is a great way for them to feel connected to you and the world. Maybe even add in a telescope to this gift so they can spend a relaxing night star gazing.

8. Smartphone Picture Printer

One of the most common ways grandparents get pictures of their friends and family is by saving images you post on facebook. This smartphone printer allows them to print out their favorite photos for safekeeping and hanging around the house. 

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9. Amazon Echo Face-time Device

If your grandparents find smartphones too complicated but you want to be able to facetime them every now and then there is another option. The Amazon Echo device is a larger screened device made for this feature. It;s simple and easy use allows seamless calls with your grandparents face to face!

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10. Magazine Subscription

Help keep the aging mind sharp by encouraging reading and learning with a magazine subscription. This is a great gift that you can personalize in minutes by choosing a magazine fit to their interests!

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