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The Ultimate Guide to the Hospital After a C-Section Birth

Navigating an extended hospital stay after a c-section can be confusing during a new and wonderful time. This is why the team at Get Janes put together The Ultimate Guide to the Hospital After a C-Section. Chances are you have a c-section appointment scheduled and are a little nervous about the procedure and recovery period. This guide will take you through what you can expect, what positive & negative signs to look for during recovery, & the best practices for a quick recovery. Preparing and learning always eases the nerves before a hospital procedure.

The Procedure is Complete: What Should I Expect?

As soon as the c-section procedure is completed and your child is tended to; you will be able to see and hold your baby immediately (under a gentle C-section procedure). The doctors understand how important this time is to bond with your newborn.  You will then be brought into a recovery area where a nurse will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, vaginal discharge, and the firmness of your uterus. Once you are in a stable standing you will be brought into a hospital room where you will spend your recovery period. 

When Will the Epidural / Spinal Block Wear Off?

A c-section requires an epidural or spinal block; numbing of the body while you are still awake/conscious. After this is administered to you it can take several hours to regain feeling, you will have difficulty walking and will need assistance making it to and from the bathroom. Some women choose to use a catheter for several hours after delivery to make the situation simpler. 

How Long is the Average Hospital Stay After a C-Section?

A C-Section is a major surgery and your body will need time to heal. The average hospital stay after is 3-4 days after delivery. If there happen to be any complications your hospital stay can become extended. Once you leave the hospital the total time for recovery can be up to six weeks.

How Can I Ensure a Quick Recovery from a C-Section Procedure?

There are 3 main things you can do to ensure a quick recovery time. 


Do not overexert yourself in any way during this 4-6 week recovery period. You may take easy and slow walks around the neighborhood but no intensive exercise is allowed during this time.


Loose Easy Accessible Clothing & Easy Support During Breastfeeding

Purchase your very own soft and comfy nursing gown. Get Janes' loose fitting, luxury maternity gown is perfect for easy and safe breastfeeding access and changing your wound dressing when needed. Not to mention this gown is so cozy it will be your main fashion statement post birth as you relax in your home.


Attendance at Check Ups

Make sure you attend all of your c-section check-up appointments to remove stitches, check for signs of infection and more. 

What Are Signs a Doctor Needs to Check Up On My Wound?

In addition to the importance of your check-up appointments it is also important that you keep an eye on your incision site for signs of infection and or any other complications that can arise. 

Below are the signs a doctor needs to be informed of immediately:

  • Any Severe or Unusual Pain ( this could be a blood clot )
  • Pus or Liquid at Incision Site
  • Redness at Incision Site
  • Foul Smelling Discharge from incision Site or Vaginal Area
  • Fever over 99 Degrees
  • Lymph Node or Incision Site Swelling
  • Vomiting / Nausea
  • Excessive vaginal bleeding (changing a pad before a 2 hour period)

These are precautions that are great to know before entering the hospital for your c-section. Remember, this is a routine procedure. Complications are rare; but being prepared for recovery is the first step to a successful one.


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