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The Ultimate Guide To: Preparing for Delivery

While there are many ways a mother must prepare for her new baby, she must also prepare herself for the day of the birth. There are many different ways this day could go, so we wanted to share with you some of the best ways to make sure you are prepared and confident when it is time for delivery.

1. Learn About Your Options

While most woman go through their pregnancy and birth with their OBGYN, there are also other options. You are also able to choose options such as a certified nurse-midwife for an at home birth, or even a family doctor. 

You also must make a choice about whether or not you will be medicated or not during delivery. 

2. Bring Your Own Gown

Packing a bag, and wearing the right clothes are important to creating the best experience possible for you and your new baby. Doctor and hospital approved gowns like Get Janes are a luxury hospital gown that are a perfect upgrade to the traditional hospital gown many woman give birth in. It is also perfect for breastfeeding mothers to use after your baby is here.

So, make sure you pack your hospital bag with things that will help make you and your baby comfortable while you are prepared to be there for around 24-48 hours

3. Prepare your body

Things like low impact exercise, prenatal yoga, keegels, and oiling the sensitive areas of birth will help prepare your body for delivery. 





Get Janes offers a personal alternative to standard examination gowns or basic amenity wear. Whether you're preparing for a doctor's visit, packing a hospital bag, nursing your baby or lounging at home, everyone should enjoy the comfort and coverage they deserve.