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The Ultimate Guide To: Preparing For A Second Baby

The second is always a little different than the first. The good thing is this time you will be even more prepared, because you already know the basics. Here are some expert tips second time moms should do this time around...

1. Sort Through Your Old Baby Stuff

There may be many things you find that you can re-use, but there are probably many things you may also need to throw away. Sorting through your old toys, clothes, or furniture will be an important step to opening up space for new things.

Once you go through your old stuff the next step is to think about...

2.Treating Yourself to Mama's favorite Maternity / Labor Robe

While some of your new purchases may be mostly for your new child, you must remember yourself also. As a caretaker your comfort and confidence matters as you raise your family. Little treats like Get Janes Gown is perfect during pregnancy, birth, and after birth for breast feeding. This luxury gown is super soft and made of cotton and polyester. It will last hundreds of washes and snuggles. 

Remember to treat yourself as well, but there is one other person you should also give a little treat...

3.Plan How You Will Tell Your Other Child

No matter the age, you should always make sure there is a fun way for your other child to hear about their sibling or to meet them. If your other child is under 1, it is probably best to arrange the best meeting for them when the other child is born. If you have an older child, waiting until mommy's belly is big enough to notice, or when the child may be hearing about it, may be the best time to treat them and talk to them with some ice cream or something they like.