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Plus Size Spring Fashion 2021

     This year, the Plus Size Fashion Industry has grown to 24 Billion US dollars in the past year. With big names like Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, Denise Bidoit, and Hunter McGrady bringing the beauty, brains and boldness to show the world that curvy women, thicker women,"plus-sized" women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and can walk the runway with just as much fierceness as any other model. 

     With the help of social media giving us a more personal connection with models, and celebrities alike; apps like Instagram and Twitter have helped the needs of women sizes 10 and up to be heard, understood and accepted as a norm and not as a negative. 


Fashion Brands to Shop Plus Size Spring Fashion 

1. Get Janes

With heath at the front of our minds let's acknowledge the problem with "one size fits all" hospital Gowns & Plus Size Patients. Get Janes wants to start the conversion by designing full coverage, soft, doctor approved, and fashionable hospital gowns for plus size women. 

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2. Anthropologie

The Anthro sizes ranged from 14 to 26. They took their original lines and created plus sizes to launch this gorgeous line! Each and every piece was made to compliment every curve.  Now, Anthro offers free returns on plus-sizes when you order online, or if you order inside a store, you get free shipping! 

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3. Eloquii

Eloquii is a brand solely dedicated to serving the plus size market. Straight sized women have so many brands and options. Eloquii is here to make sure plus size women do to. Since its launch in 2014, Eloquii has provided plus-size women with workwear, weekend wear, swim, and casual clothing in sizes 14 to 28. 

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4. Girlfriend Collective

Catering to marginal groups, Girlfriend collective encourages confidence in every women, but especially those sizes 10 and up. Focused on creating plus size casual and gym wear essentials, this company encourages heath and curvaceous style. 

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The Plus Size Industry 

    With the help of the most recent Fenty Fashion show, Plus Sized Men's truth was shown in a beautiful way. Rihanna showcased how men and women are beautiful no matter their size, shape, skin tone or body type. 

    The next step to the evolution of the Plus Sized Fashion world would be to become more a part of the normal Fashion world, where there is no separate section for Plus Sized Men and Women. Yet for sizes 10 & up to be included in all sections of clothing, shoes and accessories. 


 A company that is helping make positive strides in plus size clothing is Get Jane's. At GetJanes, we specialize in creating a hospital experience for women by providing them with comfort, coverage and dignity with our GetJanes robe. Our Hospital Gowns offer a personable alternative to the paper thin hospital gowns.