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5 Mothers Day Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Struggling to decide on what to get the expecting mother in your life? Here are some simple tips for choosing a gift for your special girlfriend who is on an exciting new journey of Motherhood. When picking out a Mother's Day gift for expecting mothers, you want to think personal, practical and pretty. Anyone can write a quick note in a card, throw some cash in it and call it a day but if you want your friend and mother-to-be to truly know you care this Mother's Day, gift her something that reminds her that she still is who she has always been, simply evolving into more. Here are the Top 5 Gifts Mothers Day Gifts for Expecting Mothers.


1. Luxury Maternity Robe

The most versatile Mother's Day Gift for expecting mothers the gift of Get Janes Luxury Maternity Hospital Gown. Jane's Luxury Maternity Gowns Comfort, Coverage and Dignity. Jane's Gowns can be used before birth, during your hospital or at home birth experience. Easy to to put on, easy to take off and convenient for nursing. Janes Gowns currently come in 1  base color of off white and 2 different color trims, light blue and a peach trim. These high-end, luxurious multi use Maternity Gowns can be found at for $65. 


2. At Home Spa Kit

One of the most thoughtful Self-Care Mother's Day gifts for Expecting Mothers is the Conair Body Benefits vibration and heating Foot Spa. This foot soaking, heating and vibrational tub is good for the days where your friend feels like she needs some "me" time.


The Conair Body Benefits vibration and heating Foot Spa can be found at Target for around $24.

3. Rejuvenating Epsom Salt 

Pair this with some Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt or Epsom Foot Soak also at Target for $4.89. Dr. Teal's has an array of different scents and essential oil infused Epsom Salts ranging from Vitamin C and Citrus to Eucalyptus and Spearmint.


4. Calming Essential Oils and Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers and Organic Essential Oils are also a great gift to help the Mommy-to-be in your life relax. Essential Oil Diffusers are more safe for mommy and mommy brain than a lit candle. 

There are an array of Essential Oil Diffusers for different looks and prices. They are available on Amazon, Whole Foods and Target. The Diffusers start from $10.99-$50.00 and the Essential Oils range from $4.99-$21.99.

When choosing an essential oils for a Mommy-to-be, the most important part is knowing which essential oils are safe for her and her baby. Safe Essential Oils for the expecting Mother in your life are Organic Cardamom and Organic Ginger to help combat morning sickness and Nausea, Organic Geranium,  Organic Lemon, Organic Grapefruit and Organic Wild Orange helps uplift moods, Organic Chamomile and Organic Lavender helps promote relaxation, and Organic Rose and Organic Frankincense hells promote calmness. This information can be found by doing a quick google search or even asking your OBGYN.



5. Wake Up Easy with Light Therapy Alarm

The Philip's SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp can be found on or at Best buy for about $200 dollars.


This Mother's Day, remember no matter what you choose, a gift from the heart is always appreciated. We hope the ideas above help you choose the perfect Mother's Day gift for the Mother-to-Be in your life. Happy Mother's Day!



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