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Modesty Meets Measurable Improvements


We’re not born with shame as a newborn entering the world. We come kicking and cooing devoid of all awareness that we’re naked. While this may work for youngsters, and even several cultures around the world, in the United States we’re quickly indoctrinated into the clothing culture. But what if the anticipation of shame or judgement prevents us from seeking preventative care? What happens when we would ultimately opt to suffer in silence than expose ourselves during doctor visits? If you are nodding in agreement, and possibly even wincing as you recall postponing several appointments due to the dreaded disrobing – you’re not alone.

GetJanes found an interesting and shocking study and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you. The Wall Street Journal published an article in which patient modesty was evaluated as a core necessity for people seeking treatment. Over 46% of men and 25% of women will delay or forgo care because of the fear of nudity and embarrassment. In many cases people only sought treatment when a condition which may have been easily treatable becomes an emergency.

Please don’t let this happen to you, or the people you love. At GetJanes we want to provide you with the softest shield to embolden you as you walk through the doors. Our robes are designed for both men and women. They also come in plus size and maternity! It’s also important to us that you are empowered in your care. Things you can do in addition to bringing your Jane or Jack are:

  1. Request a same gender provider. This can be a major source of comfort, especially during ‘certain’ visits. You’re also going to feel more comfortable discussing any concerns.
  2. Some people have a diagnosed phobia. Speak to your provider about the possibility of bringing a friend into the examination area. Also, if you are under the care of a mental health professional, seek their guidance pre-visit.
  3. Speak up! Don’t ever feel ashamed to address your needs when you make the appointment. We know many medical offices are fast moving, but you have the right to be heard and have your feelings validated, and likely accommodated.
  4. Report any concerns post-visit. A Nursing Supervisor or Patient Care Advocate can offer invaluable assistance. Also consider writing a letter detailing your experience and how they might be able to improve.

GetJanes' luxury hospital gowns offer a personal alternative to standard examination gowns or basic amenity wear. Whether you're preparing for a doctor's visit, packing a hospital bag, nursing your baby or lounging at home, everyone should enjoy the comfort and coverage they deserve.

GetJanes is here for you to help make your care experience comfortable. Click here to drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing!