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It's time to ask for a "Mammoglam"!

It’s Time to Ask for a ‘Mammoglam’

by Allyson Cote

It may surprise you that the technology for the mammogram was invented in the 1950’s. Dr. Robert Egan at the University of Texas developed the now ubiquitous compression screening machine, and things were flat for the next fifty years, literally. In 2019, women demand more from their annual breast health screening! Several new breakthroughs are making the Mammogram process less painful, and even enjoyable. Here’s the best of the breast innovations happening now: 

Say goodbye to pain (mostly): There is nothing fabulous about having your breasts squashed between two metal plates. It’s uncomfortable at best, and downright excruciating for some women who may have cystic breasts, dense tissue, or hormonal imbalances. Thanks to Hologic’s 3D Genius Mammography system, which has ditched the compression method in favor of ‘SmartCurve’ technology that captures a pain free image while being even more accurate than the original. You can locate this option here:

Massage! Getting a mammogram can be stressful. It was determined recently that over 10,000 women opted to forgo this vital screening, than endure the discomfort or even the anticipation of discomfort. To make things more enjoyable, one hospital in Minnesota offers chair massage and special V.I.P. (very important patient?) goody bags designed to reward your newfound bravery with some hand-picked indulgences like artisanal lip balms and pedicure packages.

Atmosphere is everything: Under the traditional staging, it’s easy to agree that standing before a full length mirror, on cold tiles floors, and under fluorescent lighting is really the equivalent of trying on a bathing suit. It’s just not fun under traditional conditions! Thankfully, some forward thinking clinics are upending what we know about doctor’s offices with dimmed lighting, ambient music, aromatherapy, updated furnishings and even bamboo floors. Sure, these posh ‘mammoglams’ aren’t available nationally, but if we all make enough commotion for comforts, we think we’ll see a major shift in how we care for our women.

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