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How to Tie & Put on A Hospital Gown

A basic hospital gown that you get for free during your visits can be a little tricky, and you may want to know some tips to make sure you are comfortable and covered. So, the first step to knowing the right way to put on your gown depends on the gown you are using. Here's how to put on a hospital gown.

How to Tie / Put on A Hospital Gown

So, you may not know this, but you do have the option of either using the gown that is given to you at the hospital which probably looks something like this

Or you can purchase your own gown for your visits such as a Get Janes luxury hospital gown that looks like this.

When using the first gown you may think that the open side goes in the front, but it actually goes on your back side, and ties closed from the back. They are usually made of a paper type material, and hardly ever fit correctly to the patient, so they may look either too large or too small.


To wear the paper gown, slip both arms through the only two holes on the gown (that way is up). The opening of the gown is at the back, which is wide enough to overlap and cover the patient (most patients). There is a waist tie at the front which goes around the waist and ties at the back to keep the gown ON.


When you use a gown like Get Janes, you will have a gown that is your size, and is made of softer material. With Get Janes it's easier to put on a hospital gown, since it ties in the front and not in the back. You slip your arms through this gown like a regular jacket, and adjust the ties from the front. You will be guaranteed full coverage and a correct fit. 


While each gown works, their functionality are different and can create a totally different experience for you during your visit. Get Janes understands that your comfort is especially important during times that may not be so comfortable. 


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