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How to Support Someone Going Through Chemo

Top 11 Ways to help Someone Going Through Chemo

Cancer is a personal battle. Like all personal battles; receiving support from caring friends and family members makes all the difference in their journey to recovery. You are here because you want to help; but you wonder; what are the best ways to express and show my support during such a sensitive time ? 

At Get Janes we have team members who have experienced cancer treatment first hand in addition to speaking to many cancer survivors. Below are our Top 10 Favorite Ways to Help Someone Going Through Chemo


1. Give them Their Very Own Cozy Hospital Gown

The best way to help a loved family member or friend through chemo is making sure they are always comfortable and properly covered at every doctor's visit. Chemotherapy patients will visit the doctors office regularly. Having their own hospital gown will help them feel confidence and strength when they need it the most. Not to mention; every time they put it on they will remember the constant support from you during their battle. 

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2.Offer to Drive Them To & From Appointments

Patients tend to have primary caregivers such as spouses or parents. If you are not one of these people; contact the patient's primary caregiver and offer to assist with driving them to and from appointments. If they would like company on those appointments; join them during the process for extra support.

3.Play Soothing Music or Share a Healing Playlist

If you are musically talented and can play the guitar, piano, etc. bring it along with you on your visit and offer to play soothing live music. Music is known for its healing and uplifting properties. If you cannot play music, make a playlist of songs you think will help them get through this tough time.

4. Keep Your Relationship Positive

Make sure to treat your relationship and conversations the same as you did before their diagnosis. Tell jokes, smile, and most importantly help them stay positive by reminiscing on enjoyable memories. 


5. Decorate their Hospital Room During Holidays

Some chemo patients receive in patient care and stay in the hospital depending on the severity of their condition. Encourage holiday spirit with brightly colored holiday decorations to bring light and joy to their everyday space. They may be missing out on their favorite holiday traditions due to treatment and this is sure to brighten their mood.

6. Buy them a hat or head covering

One of the worst parts of chemo is hair loss. A hat or headwear for someone going through chemo can be a practical and stylish gift that supports their journey. Consider buying them a head wrap that is soft, and easy to wear. Tafari Wraps sells stylish African-inspired head wraps that are comfortable and breathable. They even have head wrap online tutorials to help those going through chemo to master wrapping.

7. Buy Them a Gift Card for a Meal Delivery Service

Many chemo patients battle cancer living at home while visiting the hospital frequently for treatment. Although this does not change the effects of the treatment they will still have to cook and care for themselves. Gifting them with a meal delivery gift card will allow access to healthy food that is already prepared right to their door every week. 

8. Give them a Quality Pair of Headphones

Chemo treatments can be long drawn out afternoons of sitting in a chair without moving around much. One of the most common ways to make the time go faster during treatment is for patients to listen to podcasts, music, or watch movies/TV on their smart device. A comfy pair of headphones will be used extremely often during this time.

9. Give them a Lotion Basket

Chemotherapy can make the skin drier than usual which is why lotion is a perfect gift for a patient battling cancer.

10. Ginger Candy

Ginger is known to combat nausea. Order some ginger candy they can suck on when they feel this common side effect of Chemo to help relieve their discomfort. 

11. A Hug or Handshake


A body who is fighting disease will need extra support and activation of their parasympathetic nervous system.(read how the parasympathetic nervous system supports our health) One of the best ways to increase the activity of a person's parasympathetic nervous system is a Hug or Handshake. It may seem simple and overlooked; but always give the patient a hug or handshake before leaving them. It will help them in more ways than you realize!



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