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How To Feel Better When Sick

When we get sick it seems like we all have a wellness ritual to help us feel a little better and get through a hard time. Whether it is chicken noodle soup or watching your favorite movie, it seems like these traditions lift our spirits and help us heal.

Here are a few things you never thought of to make you feel better when you are sick.

1. Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

One of the simplest ways to help ourselves feel better is to put the right nutrients In our body to help fight off our sickness and low energy levels.

Besides soup broth or chicken noodle soup, here is a list of some of the best foods to eat when sick.

Garlic stimulates the immune system, Coconut Water for electrolytes and staying hydrated, Ginger for anti-nausea, Spicy Foods to relieve congestion, Pomegranates for antiviral effects...(See more here)

2. Be Comfortable

Living in our pajamas and fluffy robe is not always practical, but when we are sick being comfortable and warm is just that important. Warm, luxurious, robes like Get Janes are perfect for living and healing in. They make being comfortable, warm, and practical easy when you need it the most. 

3.Understand When To Call The Doctor

Sometimes are rituals just don't work, and we are stuck feeling like we are not going to get much better. When we can come up with anything that makes us feel better, we must remember that it is important to call a doctor when this time comes. While many minor sicknesses may heal with our own magic, calling a doctor may be the fastest way to make you feel better.




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