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An invaluable source of comfort and dignity

"When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises," were words spoken recently by Angela Merkel. While the finite theme may not have been patient related, it's an easy parallel to draw. In 2018, women globally stood up collectively and said 'Enough!'. That battle cry extends to the workplace, the social setting, even to the family home. But what about the not entirely predictable occurrences that befall us, in which dignity should be a top consideration? That's why Get Janes is here for you. We're here to offer you an invaluable source of comfort and dignity when you need it most. 

Let's start with some interesting findings that may make us all blush and run for the curtains. The recent interest in improving patient care, and most importantly patient satisfaction, really does begin in the exam room. Originally, the examination gown or Johnny was created to simplify the treatment process. Either paper or thin cotton garments were stitched in the millions as a solution for the public when seeking any type of care. But, as it turns out, little consultation was performed of actual patients prior to the final product. They did ultimately confer with physicians and staff, who approached the challenge with perhaps less than sympathetic eyes. One Surgeon and VP at Medstar Mongtomery Hospital summed up his thoughts by saying "For me as a doctor, it would be best to have the patient naked" ( 

If the thought of this sends shivers down your spine, and nearly causes you to cancel your well visit, take heart! Get Janes are luxury hospital gowns that were created in response to these fear-inducing sentiments. Our Janes and male counterpart Jacks, were the direct response from patient and provider surveys. Durable, soft, lightweight but sumptuous, they are the remedy for reclaiming your dignity as a patient. They allow you to be covered while making it possible to treat all of you. 

But that's not all, we're branching out! The world of medicine is changing and so are we. Get Janes now offers a plus-size hospital gown, along with a maternity gown. If you are just looking for that extra snuggle, or are a new mom preparing to nurse your newborn, we've got you covered. As we move forward embracing this heightened sense of awareness that our dignity and comfort is as essential as the care we receive, we'd love to hear from you! Get Janes has some ideas cooking for new exciting features and comfort enhancements and we'd love your suggestions. Your feedback can allow us to create the ultimate patient care apparel line. So get creative, get yourself covered, and Get Janes.