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Alkaline Diet for Cancer : Helping Your Body Heal Through Alkaline Foods


Giving your body foods that energize you as opposed to weighing you down is what the Alkaline diet is all about. When you are diagnosed with any illness it is important that you assist and encourage your body to be in a position for healing. This means intaking foods that support your body's strength. 

The agreement between medical professionals and holistic healers ; Changing a cancer patients diet is extremely helpful when confronted with a diagnosis and fight for life. Alkaline foods aid the body by reducing the strain of the body’s acid-detoxification system. 


Scroll to the bottom section for an Alkaline grocery shopping list and meal plan.

What is an Alkaline Diet & How Does it Help My Body Heal?

An alkaline diet is a strict plant based diet  that avoids consumption of sugar, dairy, wheat, and other high gluten grains. It emphasises the exclusive intake of fruits and vegetables. This may be a dramatic lifestyle change for some, but the results are proven to change the body's intracellular PH levels in your blood to perfect levels. This diet allows you to live in a body that carries an environment not optimal for cancer to thrive or grow. This also strengthens your immune function and supports healthy cell growth. 

Who is Dr. Sebi & How did he Create the Alkaline Diet?

Dr. Sebi is a self-proclaimed healer and herbalist. As the founder and creator of the alkaline diet to help assist in the healing of HIV and Cancer. This diet is also known as “Cell Food” for the benefits proven in positive cell growth. He determined that mucus and acidity — rather bacteria and viruses, for example — was the source that caused disease in our bodies. From this; he created a diet plan that includes foods with no mucus and low acidity levels.

What Supplements Should I Take While on an Alkaline Diet?

The supplements you need during this diet is protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12. 

Shopping List / Meal Plan

Shopping List

To see a list of foods included in the Alkaline Diet click here.

Meal Ideas

To see a 7 day Alkaline Meal Plan click here. 


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