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4 Tips To Stay Calm at The Doctors Office

Visiting the doctors office can be a true source of anxiety. At Get Janes we have spoken to patients who have experienced nerves during difficult appointments. Whether you are anticipating life changing test results or just going in for a simple check up; here are 4 Tips to Staying Calm at the Doctors Office.


1. Bring Along A Companion

Companion at Doctors Office

A great way to shed the stress of a doctor's appointment is to bring a loving companion with you on your visit. A friend, spouse, work assistant, or age appropriate family member will be sure to help time pass quickly in the waiting room. Having a loving companion to talk to when worries arise can be a therapeutic way to lighten the load of your fears and help you stay calm while at the doctor's office. Bringing a companion also helps when trying to remember and comprehend every detail a doctor shares.


2. Bring Your Own Soft & Comforting Examination Gown

Get Janes Hospital Examination Gown

Getting undressed and putting on an ill fitting, cold, hospital gown is one way to add to fuel to your anxiety fire. Purchasing your own hospital gown made from warm and cozy material, fit for your body is the perfect way to keep you at ease during your visit. During stressful times patients have the right to feel comfortable and dignified in a gown that keeps them warm and properly covered. 

The founder of Get Janes ; a previous cancer survivor, set out to create an examination gown made with comfort, style, and coverage in mind. Shop for your own luxury examination gown today. 

3. Avoid Caffeine the Day of Your Appointment

It goes without saying that Caffeine enhances your energy levels. If you are experiencing anxiety; adding caffeine to the mix will only make it worse. If you are a regular coffee drinker, set a reminder on your phone to drink decaf the morning of your visit. Other items with caffeine to avoid are sodas, energy drinks, teas, and chocolate.


4. Meditate & Listen to Calming Binaural Music

Another tip for staying calm at the doctor's office is to use meditation strategies. Practicing mindful breathing techniques in addition to listening to calming music or binaural beats is a great way to hack your anxiety during stressful times. We suggest downloading guided meditation apps such as Headspace and bookmarking the following binaural music youtube videos before your visit. Now all you have to do is remember a pair of headphones to use as you wait in the waiting room.

Download the Meditation App by Clicking Here

Bookmark This Binaural Music Youtube Video by Clicking Here


Get Janes' luxury hospital gowns offer a personal alternative to standard examination gowns or basic amenity wear. Whether you're preparing for a doctor's visit, packing a hospital bag, nursing your baby or lounging at home, everyone should enjoy the comfort and coverage they deserve.