Janes™ Keep You Comfortable Throughout your Pregnancy – Get Janes

Janes™ Keep You Comfortable Throughout your Pregnancy

From your first ultrasound through your baby's birth and beyond, your body deserves the comfort, ease and dignity of being wrapped in Janes™ maternity clothing and gowns.

With Janes™, you can kick that vulnerable feeling to the curb and:

  • Wrap yourself in a warm, lightweight knit fabric gown, built for comfort, with a hint of feminine flair.
  • Gain confidence from knowing you are fully covered at all times. Mothers-to-be deserve modesty.
  • Know that Janes™ will withstand the challenges of motherhood and wear well through many, many washings. Whether feeding, bathing, or just lounging with your baby, dress with ease in your Janes™.


So treat yourself and all the women you care about to greater empowerment, peace-of-mind and the right to choose what to wear wherever they are: Wrap them up in the warmth and beauty of Janes™.


I did get the gowns in the mail today. WOW, they are so soft! I’m so impressed. I’ll place an order tomorrow afternoon.
— Rochelle Monique Brandon, MD
I bought Janes for family and friends. The product is excellent, well made, and flattering. It is a fantastic alternative to hospital “johnnies” with a “northern exposure”. Thanks so much for creating a product that responds to the needs of women at a time when they feel most vulnerable.
— Sande, Maryland
As a new mom, I find Janes to be super comfortable and great to have around the house. They are soft, easy to clean and perfect for those first few weeks of nonstop nursing.
— Sarah, California