Created by Women for Women – of All Sizes

Janes™ were designed for women by women. Each of us, regardless of our size or shape ­– is entitled to comfort, coverage and dignity. And while plus-size women are an under-served population in healthcare, lifestyle and apparel, Janes™ have always provided style and quality in plus sizes.

Janes™ ensures: 

  • Proper fit
  • Total coverage
  • Warmth
  • Dignity
  • Confidence
  • Style

We often hear from women telling us they are comforted and empowered by wearing Janes™, and favorable reviews by many Plus Size Blogs confirm that. Below is a meaningful blog entry we were thrilled to receive and just had to share with you:

“Have you ever gone to the clinic for a mammogram to find that the gown they hand you is way too small and you are bursting out of it? I have, and it was quite distressing. Recently, I came across an ad for these patient gowns for women called Janes and she offered to send me one to review." Read Affinity's review on her blog.