About the Creator


Like so many other fortunate women, I am a daughter, sister, mother, and a friend to incredible women. How lucky I am to have such a supportive network. What a thrill to think that I could make even a small difference in their lives.


After more than thirty years in the Corporate Business world and loving every bit of it, the idea of challenging myself to become a social entrepreneur was very exciting and really scary. Would I be able to put to use the best practices from my other life to create something of my very own? Could I possibly help others at the same time?  What a fabulous opportunity! 

Janes are affordable and designed for women everywhere. Janes make a positive difference in the lives of women during medically stressful times. Please ask about them at your next scheduled appointment.

Thank you so much for helping me GO FOR IT!

I gave these (with monogrammed bags) as gifts to my Boston lady friends and everyone loves them!! The gown itself and the reasons it was created. And a fabulous price!! So, if you need an extra gift for someone , or a bday present next year….GETJANES.
— Jane from Boston